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POPLAR FUTURES is a project working with local people to present their ideas for the future of their area - what changes they would like to see, how their environment could be improved. As well as being put on this website, these ‘futures’ will be projected onto the side of a tower block at Chrisp Street Market entrance, exhibited in the Chrisp Street Idea Store and, crucially, they will be fed into the regeneration process – to Leaside Regeneration, the HARCA’s and other appropriate bodies. The large scale projection system in Kilmore Square is now interactive - a touchscreen device is sited on the window of the Idea Store. To see pictures of the Launch of the new system go to Futures - Schools and Groups 2008_9 then Launch 09.

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We can’t say that all these ideas will become reality. The main thing is that instead of waiting to be consulted on planners ideas, people are putting their ideas into the public domain and saying – this is what we want. If an idea is good we hope it will be taken up and developed, providing it is practical and, of course, the money can be found. Nothing happens overnight but this website will be a resource, an Ideas Bank for the future. This is a sister project of Futuretown And Beyond (FAB) in Gravesend you can see this website at: www.futuretownandbeyond.co.uk

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