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About Poplar Futures

Poplar Futures provides a bottom-up approach to Regeneration, creatively combining Arts and ICT, culture and community animation as the crucible for change. Participating groups develop their 'futures' proposals, related to their specific needs, contributing to a network and database of 'futures' which can be built upon in practical, site specific ways. Where possible these 'futures' will be implemented with the support of Leaside Regeneration and other partners. Poplar Futures has the potential to shift Community-networking, Stake-holding and Planning for Real into a new phase.

We aim to make the process, software and hardware prototypes, transferable so that they may be used, in customisable forms, in any town, city or rural community. Out of this we hope to develop a 'Global Town Square' that can provide public place for, and a democratic space within, the development of new technologies.

Key Aims

  • To enable local people to contribute, develop and promote ideas for the future of their area.
  • To work with the Idea Store, the Neighbourhood Centres, schools and community groups to create a network of exchange via the website.
  • Through partnerships with educational and commercial partners - particularly those involved in cultural industries and ICT - create pathways to learning and employment.
  • To extend this ‘local network’, making links with their counterparts in other parts of the country and abroad, enabling debate and exchange of ideas.
  • Through the above, to help understanding of the rich benefits of cultural diversity and expression, and promote exchange both virtually and physically.
  • Create a sustainable model capable of transfer to other communities, disseminate this widely and link participating communities
  • Through all of the above, to promote the Leaside area as a place of innovation for a bottom up, culture led approach to regeneration.

About ART.e @ the art of change

We are a visual arts organisation concerned with issues of change - particularly transformation of the urban environment and its impact upon quality of life and cultural identity. The organisation was founded in July 2001 as a new departure in the relationship between Art, Regeneration, Technologies and environment (hence the name ART.e) and as a legacy organisation of The Art of Change, founded in 1990. It is a bottom up, culture led approach, with a history of innovation over three decades in creating models of how art practice can operate in the public domain.

The practice ranges from strategy, through creative development, to production. The core team is a unique combination of visual arts practitioners and strategists, resourced with new technology and administrative backup. This is expanded through related practitioners and professionals from other disciplines, with whom we have worked over the years. The key to our approach is effective collaborations, drawing on extensive experience of working with a wide range of constituencies.

We produce artworks in the public domain in all its aspects, be they physical, virtual or social, through a process of working with communities of interest and location.

We are committed to the concept of sustainability as outlined in Agenda 21 and employ these principles wherever possible. Agenda 21 is first and foremost about sustainable communities, so the process begins with the development of ideas, through consultation and involvement in the creation of images of identity, use of renewable energy sources were possible and practical, in the materials and processes of fabrication and maintenance requirements after completion.

Our approach is contextual, in that each project is developed uniquely in relation to its social and physical context. This is explored through site surveys, consultation meetings, workshops to generate ideas and images and feedback at key design stages to all key stakeholders.



and Funders are and have been

ART.e @ the art of change
Any enquiries contact Peter Dunn | Visit Futuretown And Beyond

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