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Selection of School visions for the Future

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Workshop participants are asked to identify and explore a ’site’ somewhere close and of significance to them e.g. around their home or Chrisp Street. They are asked to think what they feel is ’not working for them’, or ’missing’, and from there to establish options for change. They also undertake a series of ’blue-sky’ thinking sessions to see if there is an idea, an aspiration or desire that had not been recognised or expressed so far. Participants are encouraged to start from their own experience, then develop their idea more broadly by thinking about the impact of the environment on other people (for example, the elderly or differently-abled).

They do not have to take cost into account in developing their idea, though in some cases particularly with more experienced participants - they may be encouraged to think about whether it might be expensive or take a long time to implement.

Having established their preferred option for change, they then explore the best way of presenting this, to communicate as clearly and precisely as possible:

  • What they want to change
  • What it will look like
  • How will it make things better
  • How will people behave or benefit as a result.

See project briefing notes for more details / Technical Guidelines

ART.e @ the art of change
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