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Selection of School visions for the Future

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Schools and Groups 2004

Manorfield School - Clio Class Portal

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Manorfield School the models The models were developed by the children (aged 7 & 8 yrs) after a visit to Langdon Park and Chrisp street market. They represent their ideas for new play equipment and facilities they would like to see replacing those in the old broken down children's play area there by the railway lines, also ideas for extra play facilities they would like to see in the market area so that children could play happily while parents shopped. Their ideas ranged from "flying foxes" - the sort of metal seat contraptions on a taut metal wire that you ride on, to bouncy castles, a free sweet and drinks place, a water slide, roller coaster, swimming pool with diving boards, and motorbike rides. They were really keen on these ideas and developed them through lots of supporting work.

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