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Selection of School visions for the Future

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After much brainstorming, trial runs and discussion of various ideas, Year 5 choose to express their thoughts and concerns about noise. The everyday effect that it has on them and everyone else in their local area. Through colour, different materials, words and play Ms Aalit's class have produced an impressive body of work…drawings, wordplays, plans, ideas…this paper sculpture entitled, “Give Us Some Peace”. The class imagined the sculpture being used as a ‘warning’ sign to ask people to behave more considerately and to co-operate for a more peaceful environment. The making of the work was an exercise in co-operation itself, with all the children contributing to the finished pieces. Perhaps in some way it will describe their ideas to you and will relate to your own thoughts and ideas about unnecessary noise in your area and what the possible solutions could be? Class Teacher: Norah Aalit, Class: Year 5, Artist: Sand Laurenson

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