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Year 6 had a clear idea quite early in the project about what they wanted to say and how they wanted to say it! Dog fouling in public places was what really annoyed them, particularly in the local parks where the children spend their playtime. They were not only concerned about the health issues arising from this anti-social behaviour but also about the expense involved in cleaning up after irresponsible dog owners. This money could surely be spent on better things if the message could finally be put across to the inconsiderate dog owners out there. After much consideration and planning it was decided that a humorous approach might reach more people than the cold, ordering style of some of the existing warning, notices etc. Class Teacher: Stephen Oswald, Class: Year 6, Artist: Sand Laurenson These posters were designed with a view to be produced and publicly displayed in areas where dog fouling was a nuisance. During their completion the class learned about layout, text, composition, colour and medium. These end results demonstrate the children’s diverse but always humorous approaches to a serious issue.

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