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Selection of School visions for the Future

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Year 4 wanted more space! They wanted to be above the streets, away from the traffic. Or they wanted the traffic to be below the streets. These thoughts led them to describe different ways to escape traffic or creative ways to re-route and even re-size it! The children discussed ideas, made drawings and plans about supervised, secured underground parking and roads to take as many of the cars away from where they live and also to use the available space this would present as play areas for the local community. However these ideas became more fantastical as time passed and the end result…”Wish I Was Here” became a co-operative artwork, produced by the entire class and taking the fantastical form of a magic carpet! The children simply wanted to imagine they could be anywhere they liked at any time. A quick escape route from the overpopulation of cars! They also designed postcards to their own special place and/or person. Class Teacher: Claire Mills, Class: Year 4, Artist: Sand Laurenson

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