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Selection of School visions for the Future

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Schools and groups 2005

Mulberry School Portal

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A group of year 12 art students from Mulberry Girls School, identified places in which they live and work and study and looked at ways to improve these places through redesign and development. Using photographs from the area, the students identified specific sites to redevelop and began with a process of “ brainstorming” and exploring ways of using Art in the environment to improve the quality of life of local people. Having identified their site, the students researched ways of changing the site with their design ideas, looking at the pros and cons of the idea and why it would benefit local people and how it would be made. The final designs have been influenced by various themes, including pop art, impressionism and nature. The resulting ideas are exciting and viable ways of making better environments for local residents, and reflect each student’s personal approach to improving the environment in which they live. Teacher: Kyra Mihailovic, Students: Year 12, Artist: Tajender Sagoo

ART.e @ the art of change
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