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Community 2006

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We decided that the area in front of the Idea Store on East India Dock Road needed brightening up with a splash of colour. Using Chrisp Street Market as our focus we designed decorative images to be placed into the paving slabs in front of the Idea Store, drawing on the tradition of ‘Alpona’ art as our inspiration. We felt that the market area was not very well signposted, so the panels would act as waymarkers, pointing visitors towards the stalls and shops. The images show items that can be bought at the market, and also focus on things which of are particular interest to us as a group of women. Our work depicts food, flowers, textiles and jewellery – all items that can be bought in and around Chrisp Street Market. We used a range of media, including collage, oil pastels and acrylic paint on canvas. Support Worker: Deepa Naik. Artist: Lucy Bergonzi.

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