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Community 2006

Somali Womens Group Portal

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'IMPRESSIONS OF SOMALIA'... Our workshops looked at aspects of Somalian cuture, arts and crafts. Traditional Somalian culture appeals to all the senses, and the group demonstrated examples of everyday and special objects, drumming, dancing and singing, and home-made incense. Many items in Somalia are made by the women, working in groups, and we continued to work in this way. Using craftwork, drawing, painting and photography, we made work which focusses on five themes: ARTEFACTS; CLOTHES; DANCE; HENNA; THE HOUSE. The work combines to create an exhibition of 'IMPRESSIONS OF SOMALIA'. Participants: Hali, Kadijo, Amina, Aisha, Deeqa, Fowsiya, Cibaado, Halwo, Zeynab, Katun, Luul, Najima, Sahra, Asha, Saado, Muna, Kaltun, Khadija, Shadiya, Fardus, Ambaro, Amina, Kadijo, Suleqa, Fadumo. Support Worker: Fatima. Artist: Lucy Bergonzi.

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