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Selection of School visions for the Future

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Ben Jonson Primary School 2 Portal

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Year 6 at Ben Jonson school worked with artist Hanelle Levine , teacher Ian Marsh and ICT co-ordinator Jan Aelmans .In the first session we considered our likes and dislikes about our local area. Children were especially vocal about the difficulties of learning in their particular school environment. They said classrooms were too small with poor temperature control. The school is undergoing demolition with a new school being built alongside. Since pupils of year 6 will be moving to new schools in September 2006 they themselves could be thought of as “Poplar’s Futures”. Ian Marsh introduced the concept of “LEGACY”, a gift or handing over to the next generation. We decided to make a short documentary of children’s experiences both enjoyable and difficult which could be shown to new pupils to appreciate the history of the soon-to-be old school .In the ideas section are a selection of some of the storyboards the children designed for the DVD. The finished DVD can be viewed with permission at the school.

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