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Selection of School visions for the Future

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Young people at the Salvation Army group worked with artist Hanelle Levine and Youth centre manager Roz Lynch.We looked at the work in the "Futures" area of the website and responded to proposals in the Forum section. We considered whether graffitti is an artform and its purpose in both communication and expression of ideas. We discussed Banksey and our appreciation of his work . We walked around the local neighbourhood taking photographs of some examples of graffitti . The group decided to create their own visual statements which could be placed in the grounds of the youth centre .We looked at Celtic letterforms, and layout of text and image. We studied buildings and posters by Hundertwasser for colourful inspiration. We analysed paintings by Kandinsky to inspire our development of personal visual language.We explored mosaic and salt dough to create individual artworks . Photographs of these works can be seen in the "Ideas" section of the site . The young people will continue to develop these themes as part of their summer scheme.

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