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Selection of School visions for the Future

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Kobi Nazrul Primary School Portal

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Year 6 have been thinking about parks, traffic, noise and recycling. Working with artist Lesley Greening Lassoff and teachers Melissa and Oliver, the class went out into the neighbourhood to take a closer look at what was going on. Then they scoured the local papers looking for articles about ways people had found to make life more pleasant for themselves, and how the local council was helping out. They took photographs of all the problem areas around the school, then made cut-outs of ways to improve the neighbourhood, and combined them all into a collage. All the problem pictures are in black and white, and all the improvements are in colour. Next the class worked in groups to think of really exciting ways to change their neighbourhoods and communities. They planned and collaborated, and came up with four schemes - two parks ideas and two traffic ideas. Year 6 at Kobi Nazrul really hope that their ideas will be looked at and considered by the people who make decisions about Whitechapel.

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