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Selection of School visions for the Future

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Schools and Groups 2008_9

Hague School Yr1 Portal

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Year 1at Hague Primary school worked with class teacher Bolaji Adeola-Badejo and artist Hanelle Levine and teaching assistant Jyatsna Begum. The class made colourful drawings about their dislikes and likes relating to their local area . They didnít like dog poo, litter, too many cars and gangs .They wanted more flowers, birds and butterflies and a bus to take children to special places like the zoo.The class made paint and paper collages to show how these ideas could look. The children learned names of different flowers and painted fantasy versions. They also looked at different birds, learnt their calls and created painted versions with feathers. Finally they painted butterflies awash with sparkly sequins. These collages are displayed in pride of place at various locations around the school .

ART.e @ the art of change
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