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Selection of School visions for the Future

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Schools and Groups 2008_9

Brittania Youth Group Portal

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Brittania youth group developed ideas in their immediate environment. There seemed to be a general feeling in the group that there were no amenities close by, that included no formal play areas or even shops.most participants felt bored where they lived. The large 'estate' were they lived gave them the ability to play in and around the streets but was clearly lacking in play areas, and they felt security was also lacking and would have preferred more CCTV. We developed imagery around the coming together of the wealthy area across the water. Participants felt that there was a great divide between the 'wealthy' people and them and were very strong minded that the two areas should meet and join together.They felt one possible way would be to have a football pitch were everyone might get to know each other. We did some night photography of the immediate area and used the photographs taken to design new innovative changes which would give them more security and a more visually dynamic place in which to live.

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